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Big Title


Karla Chameleon is moving with her parents and siblings Kurt and Kevin from Turkey to South Africa. Adaptation it their big strength, so they should not encounter any difficulties in the new place. However, things turn out differently when the chameleon kids do their first excursion in the jungle: Every animal they meet wants them to adapt - but only to them and no one else. Karla however wants to stay true to her own ever changing nature. The monkeys who are as free in spirit have an idea: The chameleons could teach the eagles and cheetahs the art of changing! Maybe then Karla, Kurt and Kevin will be accepted in the jungle?


CAST: 4b - GTVS Wagramer Straße

TEACHER TEAM: Barbara Windtner, Denisa Jozepovicova, Karin Schorm, Lena Marinova, Helmut Kehldorfer

DURATION: about 40 minutes

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