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​A musical for children by Barbara Windtner

Pluto is wandering alone in space. For several years he is not part of the planets of the solar system anymore. People from earth are calling him dwarf planet now – just because he is too small to clean his orbit from other objects – cheek! But then he meets other dwarf planets and already feels less lonely. Together with the stars they go on a self finding trip searching for Pluto´s strengths. Their intergalactical adventure leads them to Jupiter and Mars and finally they even meet the sun who, like all the others, believes: True size lies within ourselves and what were are making out of it. So, will Pluto find his true talent on this journey?


WRITER, DIRECTOR: Barbara Windtner

DURATION: 45 min.

PRODUCERS: Barbara Windtner, Zilfi Yilmaz

CHOREOGRAPHY: Barbara Windtner, Nadine Valenta

CAST: 3b - GTVS Wagramer Straße

PREMIERE: December 2022 in GTVS Wagramer Straße 27, 1220 Vienna

FUNDED BY: Kultur:Bildung, Verein World in Motion



Call for



Documentary film 
Writer, Director: Barbara Windtner

Being a mother and following your vocation - does that have to be uncompatible as it often seems? For a new documentary we are searching for inspiring women in Vienna and elsewhere who have found their own strategies, relationships, ways of living and attitude towards motherhood which are not opposing their vocation and doesn´t make that family becomes an economic disadvantage for them on the long run. Somewhere between "bad mother" and "super mum" the film is searching for new role models that combine the best of both worlds.

If you:        

•    live within a co-housing project
•    raise your children with neighbours or co- parents
•    have changed you work in order to become more family friendly

... or if you do or plan something completely different and would like to share your story, let´s have a coffee (also on-line possible), get to know each other, talk about your family life and our interest in the subject:

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